What to Drink on Keto–When Water Just Isn’t Enough


I hate plain, basic water. There, I said it! Yes, I’m fully aware of my need to drink water, and Yes I do drink more than the daily recommended intake. Very begrudgingly. But I do it.

With Keto, you are eliminating almost all sugar, and drastically decreasing your carbs. Do you know what has a lot of sugar and carbs? All of the good things in this world, including most drinks, juices, sodas etc. When I first started, I struggled with what to drink. Even drink mixes to put in my water seemed filled with hidden sugars (more on hidden sugars in a separate post). So what does a person on Keto drink, when basic water just isn’t enough? Here are a few Keto-approved options, so that you’re not just stuck drinking H2O.



If you’re an avid soda drinker, or even just need a little carbonation every now and then, Zevia is for you! It’s a carb free, sugar free Stevia-sweetened soda drink that is perfectly Keto friendly. There are no hidden sugars, and it will definitely give you your sugar fix! Plus, they come in a variety of flavors. The only complaint I’ve heard from fellow Keto folk is that they’re sweet. You can choose to cut yours with water, or with heavy cream for an even better treat. I was SOOOO happy to discover that my job carries the Zevia Black Cherry flavor and Zevia Energy Drink in our healthy vending machine!! How cool is that?! As far as where to find them, Albertsons or Krogers for sure. They can also be ordered online.

Zevia in our office Vending Machine!

Mio Liquid Water Enhancers–Stevia Sweetened

When Mio first came out years ago, I used to feel all fancy and healthy squirting it in my bottled water #HealthyLiving right? What I didn’t know, was that there were all sorts of hidden sugars in Mio. Which brings me to Green Lable Mio (see below). The Mio’s with the green stripe across the top are Stevia sweetened, and have no additional added, hidden sugars. #Yas. Now, the only store I’ve actually found these in has been Alberston’s, but they are rumored to be available at various Wal-marts too.



Another Stevia sweetened, all natual water enhancer. While I prefer Mio to Stur, these aren’t bad at all, and come in more flavors than the Keto-acceptable Mios.

Bubbly Waters

If you’re a carbonated water junkie, these are for you. These are a great, Keto friendly carbonated water beverage, that comes in a variety of flavors.


Sorry fellow Texans, and any friends living in the South, but Sweet Tea is not Keto approved. However, unsweetened mixed with a little lemon and your favorite Keto approved sweetener (I use Truvia), is perfect! So are Jasmine, Orange Ginger, Chamomile, Green, Earl Grey and other teas!


Black coffee is perfectly fine! So is coffee with a little Keto approved sweetener or even some heavy cream! You know what’s even better? Bullet Proof Coffee! (See my recipe)

Now, I know that some folks will tell you that diet sodas are fine, but the DO have all types of hidden sugars (and not to mention carcinogens, ew) that can kick you out of Ketosis. So please drink diet sodas very very sparingly.


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